2023 SAG Award Winners

The Czech Statistical Office

Project Goal

The subject of the project was the creation of the Statistical Geoportal as a new platform for sharing geographically oriented statistical data, analytical outputs, and services. The Statistical Geoportal was primarily built to visualize the results and disseminate geospatial data of the 2021 Population and Housing Census, but in the long term it is designed as an all-office portal for providing map services to users and other presentation systems of the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO) and for making selected statistical data available in map form.
In addition, the implementation of the Geoportal will completely fulfill the requirements of the INSPIRE directive (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community), including the implementation of links to the National and European Geoportal.
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Business Problem Solved

During the development of the Statistical Geoportal, the following challenges/requirements for implementation were identified:
•the possibility of map visualization of any CZSO data with a spatial component or a link to territorial delimitation, as the Statistical Geoportal will be used not only for the presentation of census data, but also other types of data from other statistical domains.
•fulfillment of complex requirements for presentation and dissemination of geographically oriented statistical outputs (dynamic map presentations – cartograms / diagram maps, grid statistics, georeports enabling territorial aggregations of statistical data, tools for visualization of commuting flows, analytical visualizations, geospatial, catalog, viewing, and download services);
•compatibility with the existing application and technological environment of the CZSO and the use of the existing GIS infrastructure;
•modular and scalable infrastructure with the possibility of future development.

Technology Implemented

A combination of ESRI and OpenSource technologies along with custom development. ArcGIS Enterprise Server 10.9, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS DataStore, ArcGIS Pro 2.4, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Experience Builder, GeoServer, GeoNetwork, PostgreSQL/PostGIS.

Development Team Biography

Mrs Petra Kuncová (Czech Statistical Office) – project manager
Mr Karel Karban (Czech Statistical Office) – solution architect
Mr Petr Klauda (Czech Statistical Office) – technical coordinator
Mrs Ivana Tomícková (Czech Statistical Office) – project leader
Mr Štepán Moravec (Czech Statistical Office) – data content´s coordinator
Mr Robert Šanda (Czech Statistical Office) – data analyst
Mrs Ingrid Nosková (Czech Statistical Office) – application designer
Mr Petr Vorácek (Czech Statistical Office) – test manager
Mr Jiri Kyral (Czech Statistical Office) – tester, map producer
Mr Ondrej Beneš (Czech Statistical Office) – tester, map checker
Mr Ondrej Junášek (Czech Statistical Office) – tester, map checker
Mr Petr Bohonek (ICZ a.s.) – contractor´s project manager
Mr Pavel Trhon (T-Mapy) – contractor´s team leader
Mr Pavel Maršík (T-Mapy) – head of development
Mr Kamil Svoboda (T-Mapy) – solution analyst