2023 SAG Award Winners

Kuwait National Petroleum Company

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Project Goal

Our project aimed to create a comprehensive 3D digital library of all oil refinery assets within the Clean Fuel Project (CFP) by leveraging the power of geographic information systems (GIS) and drone technology. This advanced digital repository encompasses a wide range of assets, including processing units, storage tanks, pipelines, and other critical infrastructure. By providing detailed information and visualization of these assets, our digital library enhances decision-making, operational efficiency, and asset management across the entire CFP.
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Business Problem Solved

We tackled the issue of managing and visualizing complex spatial data related to the CFP assets, providing stakeholders with a user-friendly interface to explore the 3D digital library.

Technology Implemented

We utilized Esri's ArcGIS Pro for advanced geospatial analysis and 3D map creation, ArcGIS Enterprise for sharing and managing GIS resources. Integration with drone technology enabled accurate data collection and monitoring for the development of the 3D digital library.

Development Team Biography

Our multidisciplinary team comprised GIS specialists, software developers, data analysts, and drone operators, led by our IT Department. Team members possess extensive experience in geospatial analysis, software development, and project management, ensuring the successful creation of the 3D digital library.