2023 SAG Award Winners

Village of Pinehurst Information Technology Department

Project Goal

The goal of this project was to create a GIS Hub Site open data portal for the Village of Pinehurst, which will serve as a central platform for accessing and sharing geospatial data. The portal will facilitate easy access and utilization of the data by the community and staff which will enable informed decision making and improved community planning.

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Business Problem Solved

There were two main problems that the Village faced. One was disorganization of GIS data and the other was the use of outdated static maps. These maps were found in many undocumented places along with various areas of the Village website.

GIS data is foundational for a GIS program to be successful in an organization. Having many files spread across the network and in different formats made it difficult to find and manage digital data. Converting to the LGIM geospatial database provided a way to ensure the origin of the data and make it more accessible and manageable.

Once the conversion to a geospatial database was complete, this allowed the Village to convert all static GIS maps to interactive online maps with our ArcGIS Online portal. Many static maps were able to be consolidated into interactive maps for staff and citizens to use. This has helped us to have the most current information available for decision making.

Technology Implemented

ESRI Enterprise Agreement, ArcGIS Online & Hub Site, ArcGIS

Development Team Biography

Justin Surratt is a highly experienced Geographical Information Systems (GIS) professional with a career spanning 12 years. Justin's journey in the world of GIS began with his training and education at the US Army School of Geospatial Intelligence.
Justin currently serves as the Village’s GIS Analyst. In this role, he is responsible for managing all aspects of the village's GIS system, including data management, data collection, analysis, and map production.
Jason Whitaker is the CIO for the Village of Pinehurst local government and has 28 years of experience in providing IT support and consulting. Jason has served at the Village of Pinehurst for 18 years and previously taught at the local community college. Jason is a Computer Science graduate from Appalachian State University in NC.
Jason led the Village through the creation of a GIS Strategic Plan which included input from every department on current and future GIS needs.