2023 SAG Award Winners


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Project Goal

Since 2019, Eramet has launched an ambitious GIS program to take advantage of spatial intelligence across our mining sites. Our strategy of being a responsible mining player requires us to better understand our spatial context in order to better collaborate together more and take timely informed decision. Thanks to the arcgis platform, we adressed multiple mining uses cases from exploration, to mining operations regarding our CSR and environmental commitments.
Thanks to the Arcgis platform we were able to address several problems :
- Facilitate data collection in the field for employees, increase their productivity and the quality of data
- Ease the access to customised maps or dashboards to facilitate decision making
- Automate data analysis through machine learning to offer high value-added applications for the business
- Share information within the company to manage co-activities between mining operations and social and environmental action

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Business Problem Solved

Our main problem to solve was to share information within the company to manage co-activities between mining operations and societal and environmental action, across all the organisation (operators to management). Here are some of our developments :
• Mine & short-term planning application : used daily to optimize integrated operations by sharing geological, planning, environmental, and societal information into one single application.
• CSR and Safety dashboards : to better contextualize safety incidents and give an overview of all CSR achievements for our stakeholders
• Connected concession application use Machine learning algorithms on drone images to better monitor trees rehabilitation
- Environement team : field data collection to capture water quality data for environment monitoring. Direct access to a dashboard on water quality with thereshold.

Technology Implemented

We used Arcgis Pro with 3D and spatial analyst extension, Arcgis enterprise 10.8, Field maps and Survey123 . We have taken advantage of the "geo cloud" paas proposed by ESRI france to host our servers.

Development Team Biography

- Program Management at Corporate IT department : Carine Stolz, Geology & Mining services Product line Manager / Zineb Lamrani, GIS Product owner / Hugues Pascault : GIS developper, Jean-François Huet, CIO Eramet

- Sponsors : Christine Deneriaz, Environment Manager at Eramet / Pierre Epinoux, CTO Eramet / Davin Beukes, CTO Grand Côtes Operation / Florent Pambo, Mining services department manager at Comilog / Christophe Thillier, Exploration Manager / Gregoire André, geologist at GCO, Vincent Maurel, Exploration geologist at Eramet

- Local Project owner and IT : Papa Mamadou Diouf, digital transforamtion at GCO / Mouhamamat Seck Mining services director, GCO / Amar Diouf, IT Manager GCO / Jeff Ngoel, OT Manager comilog

- Geomatics engineer : Abdoulaye Pouye-Diop, GIS specialist at GCO / Lilian Desmarres, GIS specialist at Eramet / Gildas Mfoumbi, GIS Specialist at Comilog