2023 SAG Award Winners

Fundación Propagas (Propagas Foundation) and Photo Guardians of Nature

Project Goal

Convinced of the importance of environmental education for sustainable development, Fundación Propagas and Fotoguardianes de la Naturaleza joined forces to carry out an educational project focused on the richness of the ecosystems of the Dominican Republic. We chose five of the main ecosystems in our country: Pine Forest, Humid Forest, Dry Forest, Mangroves/Wetlands, and Coastal/Marine habitats. Within those, we identified many of the flora and fauna species that inhabit them, pinpointed their geographically location and portrayed their threats. As a result, we produced the educational Story Map titled "La Riqueza de Nuestros Ecosistemas, Una Guía Virtual a la Biodiversidad de la República Dominicana" (The Wealth of our Ecosystems, a virtual guide to the biodiversity of the Dominican Republic).
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Business Problem Solved

The Dominican Republic lacks of updated and reliable information on some environmental issues of importance that we cover in this project. We gathered some of the best biologists and nature photographers in the country to make this possible.

Technology Implemented

Story Maps.

Development Team Biography

President: Rosa Margarita Bonetti de Santana
Project Director: Mayra Johnson
Project Coordinator: Gibel Orsini
Reaserch Data: Yolanda León
Videos and Photography: Ricardo Briones, Marvin del Cid, Pedro Genaro, Leo Salazar, Fritz Pichardo and José Alejandro Álvarez.

Ms. Rosa Margarita Bonetti de Santana is Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Propagas Group as well as Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising Vice-president. As President of the Propagas Foundation she has developed innovative, environmental conservation initiatives for over three decades. Through her participation in more than 10 Boards of Directors, Ms. Bonetti reaffirms her commitment to education and the preservation of the environment, positioning  Propagas Foundation as a pioneer and one of the most prestigious institutions with the ability to influence public policies related to the environment.