2023 SAG Award Winners

PureWest Energy

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Project Goal

PureWest Energy partnered with GeoMarvel and FTI Consulting in an effort to turn their 2021 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Sustainability Report into an ArcGIS StoryMap, providing stakeholders with an inside look into our sustainability efforts, and our continued advancements in technology to support corporate social responsibility. The ESG report is more than just an annual disclosure, it’s a reflection of who we are, how we operate, and our commitment to excellence! PureWest is committed to disclosing material information to our stakeholders with transparency and accountability.
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Business Problem Solved

Convey PureWest’s mission of being an industry-leader in Environmental, Social, and Governance to the public by leveraging ArcGIS StoryMaps to combine valuable content, imagery, and GIS data into a visually pleasing and easily accessible story.

Technology Implemented

ArcPro, ArcScene, AGOL, ArcGIS Image for AGOL, ArcGIS StoryMaps

Development Team Biography

Jasmine Allison (PureWest) - Senior Environmental Representative
Kelly Bott (PureWest) - Senior Vice President of ESG, Land and Regulatory
Chuck Dobkins (PureWest) - Safety Manager
Alexa Fetch (PureWest) - ESG Analyst II
Jennifer Grove (PureWest) - GIS Analyst
Carrie Hatch (PureWest) - Environmental Manager
Jason Oates (PureWest) - Senior Director of ESG
Todd Rudolph (PureWest) - Senior Environmental Engineer
Bobby Saleh (PureWest) - GIS Manager

Jon Nordling (GeoMarvel) - Chief Executive Officer
Corey Norris (GeoMarvel) - Director of Professional Services

Jeff Bechdel (FTI Consulting) - Managing Director
Alanna Fishman (FTI Consulting) - Managing Director
Cat Morgan (FTI Consulting) - Director