2023 SAG Award Winners

US Fish & Wildlife Service

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Project Goal

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Ecological Services Program, has modernized its online data collection and reporting system to increase the amount of data collected, including more spatial data, improve data quality, and make this data available to staff and the public, in order to maximize conservation benefits for the species we manage. AWS-cloud-based ECOSphere will replace ECOS, the USFWS's old server-based platform with its many older applications. ECOS and all of its older applications will be replaced by this modern new system that eliminates the existing substantial amount of technical debt. We will be able to access robust, quality, and authoritative data from the USFWS with a significant reduction in operation and maintenance costs.
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Business Problem Solved

Streamlining code and implementations while reducing costs and modernizing our current technology. Helping our biologists understand where their projects are located and how they intersect.

Technology Implemented

ECOSphere's enterprise map solution is ESRI-based and allows our biologists to view and access spatial data, as this has been a major request. ECOSphere contains 18 Ecological Services workflows, each with access to a robust project map for delineating the project location, as well as a workflow map that allows biologists to identify other areas of interest, such as mitigation or incidental take areas, or other geographically significant areas. It is integrated with IPaC, a public platform for online project planning tools that streamline the environmental review process for USFWS; IPaC populates ECOSphere with project information and spatial data, thus saving time and increasing efficiency for USFWS biologists

Development Team Biography

Michaelle Shultz – Chief, Branch of Data Integration, USFWS
Jorge Bravo – Data Architect, USFWS
Zoe Ritter – Lead Cartographer, USFWS
Srini Vadlamudi – Lead Developer, USFWS
Tara Nicolaysen – Program Manager, USFWS
Brent Frakes- Data Engineer, USFWS