2023 SAG Award Winners

National Remote Sensing Centre

Project Goal

NRSC has created a geospatial database of ~80,000 landslides in India mapped using satellite data under the DMS programme of ISRO during the 1998-2022 period. The landslide inventory data were used in conjunction with lithology, geological structure, soil, slope, land use etc. and landslide susceptibility maps were created using machine learning methods for important tourists and pilgrimage road corridors in the Indian Himalaya. Landslides, mainly the damaging larger ones, have a life cycle of 3-4 years. Hence, continuous monitoring of landslide i.e. its kinematic behaviour is required in all stages, but, mainly in tertiary stage to predict the time of failure. PS-InSAR using Sentinel-1A/1B image stack is processed to generate a deformation velocity time series, which is inversed using Fukuzono method to provide the time of failure. This failure process become imminent during high rainfall, which will reduce the friction along the slip surface and thus accelerate the slope failure.
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Business Problem Solved

Geospatial landslide inventory database of India covering the Himalaya and Western Ghats region formed a baseline data for landslide mitigation studies. This database provided an insight to major landslide controlling factors in India. Landslide susceptibility maps were helpful to decision makers for planning developmental activities in hilly regions. Landslide kinematics estimated using PS-InSAR was helpful in predicting the time of failure of a vulnerable slope in hilly terrains.

Technology Implemented

ENVI SarScape

Development Team Biography

Dr. Prakash Chauhan, Director, National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC)
Dr. K Vinod Kumar, Dy Director (RSA), NRSC
Dr. I C Das, Group Head, Geosciences Group, NRSC
Dr. Tapas Ranjan Martha, Head, Geohazards and Mineral Exploration Division, NRSC
Mr. Priyom Roy, Scientist/Engineer ‘SE’, NRSC
Ms. Nirmala S Jain, Scientist/Engineer ‘SE’, NRSC
Ms. Kirti Khanna, Research Scholar, NRSC
Ms. K Mrinalni, Research Scholar, NRSC