2023 SAG Award Winners

Al Ain City Municipality

Project Goal

Purpose of this project was to catalog and publish thousands of historical images from Al Ain Municipality ranging from 1960 to 2022 with different scales and resolutions and publish it for the users in an easy-to-use web viewer with other GIS layer as overlays. Al Ain Municipality was able to successfully achieve this goal using latest software ESRI ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise in a very short time helping them to convert around 30,000 IMAGE TILES which is around 40 Terra bytes of data into a single mosaic dataset and publish them into an easy-to-use portal without a single line of code or customization.
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Business Problem Solved

- Easy to use portal for Stake holders and engineers in Municipality
- Quick and easy resolution to property and boundary disputes by reviewing these historical imagery
- Time series imagery mosaic available for desktop GIS users
- Easy to add new images or manage existing imagery by making use of this mosaics
- No customization and easy to reconfigure
- Easily pluggable in other applications using easy to use API

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro
ArcGIS Desktop
ArcGis Enterprise Server
ArcGIS Image Server

Development Team Biography

Credit for all GIS team who supported this project.
Abdulla Hamdan Al Amry - Executive Director, Town Planning Sector AAM
Adnan Sharaf Al Hashimi - Director, Spatial Data Directorate, AAM
Mohammed Abdulla Rahsed Al Rashedi – Head of GIS Department, AAM
Khaled Khamis Abdulla Al Arfati - Head of Lidar Unit
Saleh Abdulla Mohammed Al Junibi - Head, Photogrammetry and remote sensing
Navaneeth Chirammal – Senior GIS Analyst
George Tenil - Senior GIS Analyst
Salama Salem Thaloob Al Ketbi – Senior GIS Analyst
Maitha Abdulla Al Ahbabi – GIS Analyst
Abdullah Khalfan Rashid Al Shibli – Senior Software Engineer
Ghanim Ali Said Al-Mamari – Senior Software Engineer
Yoonus Kurukoli – Senior Software Engineer
Reda Maroufi - Lidar Specialist
Mohammed Rushdie Wasim Kourani - Lidar Specialist
Carolynne Anne Parry - Lidar Specialist
Mouza Almazrouei – GIS Analyst
Zahra Salem Altamimi – GIS Analyst
Abdelrahman Marwan Abudaqqa – GIS Analyst