2023 SAG Award Winners

Kanton Luzern / Geoinformation

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Project Goal

The main strategic goal of Geoinformation State of Luzern is to provide reliable and up to date spatial data in good quality for better general information and decision-making. Over the years the number and thematic range of geodata in the Centralized Spatial Database increased very fast, leading to a very sophisticated GIS operation. Today, a Metadata application (GeoPard) and a fully automated Data Logistic (GeoHub) is in place and allows the automated publication of daily changes of all data.

Since good solutions lead to bigger demand, new thematic data and innovative methods got into focus. The latest projects deal with the monitoring of climatic change, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in data acquisition and, last but not least, the generation and visualization of 3D data. The latter aims to improve our understanding of spatial processes, by creating Digital Twins and using Building Information Modelling (BIM) to integrate the world of architects and planners.
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Business Problem Solved

The generation of a statewide Digital Twin allows planners, decision makers and the public to under-stand their environment better and to asses changes planned in their neighborhood. It is enhanced with planned building projects of the public, trees generated by KI models, as well as bathymetric data of all lakes. It also allows the visualization of planned scenarios for new State roads and encouraged and enable the public o participate in the process.

The use of BIM data allows an easy integration and visualization of urban development projects like the future Central Administration Building of the State. The very detailed BIM data allow the introduction of facility management and a better understanding of the project. It is planned to use ArcGIS Indoors for this, and also for indoor way-finding.

Technology Implemented

Geoinformation State of Luzern was 1993 one of the first State Government customer in Switzerland. Esri is an important technology supplier, but also a long-term technology partner. The State is always very open towards new technology and trends in the GIS world, with an early migration from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro, the implementation of an early WebGIS, and ArcGIS Hub Premium as a tool for citizen participation.
State of Luzern applies a wide range of Esri Software products, like ArcGIS Enterprise, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Hub Premium and ArcGIS Indoors.
Also a wide range of SDKs/APIs/Frameworks are in use, like ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript, ArcPy, ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET, ArcGIS Enterprise SDK for .NET, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, Experience Builder, Field Maps and Dashboards.
An own custom development Stack (Geo.js) with React/Mobx/Webpack/Typescript on top of ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript is another important part of the “GIS software family”.

Development Team Biography

The 33 staff members of Geoinformation State of Luzern bring with them educations of Geography, Surveying, Environmental Science, IT and Urban Planning, but also very strong motivation and commitment, as well as humor and a great passion for maps.

In short, everybody values teamwork very highly and strives to achieve high standards in the daily work. Innovation is everybody’s passion and allows a sustainable development. Geoinformation State of Luzern is founded on a very great team!

The many applications, lively visualizations and colorful map products are of very high quality and make the work of many people in the State of Luzern a bit easier. What better cause can you work for?