2023 SAG Award Winners

City of Wilmington, Delaware Department of Public Works

Project Goal

Improve the aging water distribution infrastructure in Wilmington by identifying water mains for replacement, sharing findings with stakeholders, and efficiently documenting new mains installation.

Risk of Failure Analysis: Yousre's automated ModelBuilder process evaluates criteria like age, size, material, water flow, cleaning dates, breakage history, water quality, and proximity to critical customers. Scores prioritize replacement work based on physical condition and location.

Replacement Planning Platform: Yousre's web app communicates analysis results, providing information on at-risk mains, paving restrictions, state projects, and utility work. It enables collaboration in shortlisting, nomination, and comment sharing.

Real-Time GPS Mapping: ArcGIS Field Maps collect data on newly installed assets, ensuring near real-time integration with the city's enterprise system and maintaining data consistency.

Business Problem Solved

Problem: Efficiently identifying and prioritizing water mains for replacement while avoiding conflicts and reducing disruptions and costs.
• Risk of Failure Analysis: Identify and prioritize $10M worth of water mains for ongoing contract. Plan the next $20M contract based on age, condition (age, size, material), water flow, cleaning & lining date, breaking history, water quality issues, and proximity to critical customers.
• Replacement Planning Platform: Develop a platform to avoid conflicts with other utility projects, foster partnerships, and reduce disturbances and restoration costs.
• New Assets GPSing: Implement real-time GPS mapping for accurate electronic as-builts, improving efficiency and data accuracy.
Results: Improved infrastructure reliability, optimized resource utilization, reduced conflicts and disruptions, cost savings, enhanced collaboration.

Technology Implemented

- ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.1
- ArcGIS ModelBuilder 10.8.1
- ArcGIS Desktop Attribute Assistant (version not specified)
- ArcGIS Online Web Maps (version not specified)
- ArcGIS Online Configurable Applications (version not specified)
- ArcGIS Online Dashboard (version not specified)
- ArcGIS Field Maps (version not specified)

Development Team Biography

Yousre Odeh: Project Leader & GIS Analyst II. Pursuing MGIS at Penn State. M.Sc. in Earth Science (Uppsala University) & B.Sc. in IT (Arab American University). Expertise in geospatial analysis, environmental considerations, and data integration. Valuable asset to the team's success with comprehensive understanding of project requirements.

Caitlin Eastman: Water resource expert & contractor. Former GIS Technician specializing in seamless data integration, QA/QC standards. Ensures accurate data integration, maintains high standards, and contributes to the project's success.

Camille Mapua: Former GIS Technician with extensive experience in Wilmington, New Castle County, and Delaware. Expertise in data QA/QC, integration, and spatial data management. Brings valuable insights, enhancing project efficiency and accuracy.